A corner sofa immediately gives a hidden and high standing to your terrace. However, if it is dirty, or its textile has stains, it gives a dirty and abandoned image. This sound often cushions, which lose their luster and give a lean appearance. It is therefore very important to provide care for your patio textiles so that your corner sofa retains its classy and impeccable appearance.


To keep the cushions of your garden furniture impeccable, the best is to observe a cleaning routine at the arrival of the beautiful days.

For washable fabrics:
-Remove the cover of your cushions and follow the indications on the label inside. Normally they allow a gentle wash, at 30 ° degrees maximum, with a mild detergent.

-Lake as directed, but program a light spin. This will avoid creasing the textile of your outdoor corner sofa.

-Extend and let dry. It is very important to dry well before replacing the cushion cover.

-Generally it is a fabric that does not allow tumble dryers. On the other hand, it is often possible to iron the textiles.

-Replace the upholstery and replace it again on your outdoor corner sofa.

-If you stain your washable cushion: rinse with water and wash as soon as possible. In this way the task will not have time to become embedded and will leave quickly without leaving a trace.

For non-washable fabrics:
– Take care of the spots as soon as possible. Rub immediately with a cotton towel moistened with a solution of equal parts water and ammonia. Rub from center to outside.

-If it is a greasy stain, sprinkle with talc and let it work. As clay, talc absorbs fat. After an hour, you can brush the talc that will leave taking the stain with it.

-If there is an old stain on your outdoor corner sofa, apply dry foam suitable for tapestries. You can treat your couch periodically, two or three times by one.


At Gardenart we are aware that an outdoor corner sofa can be imposing and difficult to adapt to all surfaces. That’s why we like to offer flexible solutions. On the left or right, two or more seats, add a corner connector and you can compose yourself an outdoor corner sofa. You choose the elements and the size and adjust your furniture according to your available space.

An example of our modular outdoor corner sofas is the Belluno model. Modules with or without armrests allow you to shape your ideal corner sofa.