The big and beautiful villas are unfortunately not within the reach of everyone. Even if you own a beautiful villa, sometimes you can not enjoy it all year long. Maybe you live in a city, and own your home as a second home a few miles away. To comfort you not to enjoy your villa that during the holidays, we offer you to enjoy your terrace.


At Gardenart we are aware of small spaces. We offer garden furniture, but it is not necessary to have a garden to own one of our elements. We also offer a wide range of furniture suitable for sitting on your terrace. You can even manage to put a sofa in your mini terrace. Good, a mini sofa, but sofa anyway. Let’s go from the least to the most voluminous.

Garden Art offers modular outdoor sofas. So you can create a mini sofa with the small elements that make up each collection.
We would very well sit on a piece of rectangular terrace, with the center of our Belluno collection.

But if you miss the armrests, then choose the piece that conforms the angle to make you a perfect mini sofa.

You have a little more room, but not too much? There you can afford a mini two seater sofa that would fit very fair. So say goodbye to the armrests with a room in the middle of the Belluno sofa.

You want a single seat but with a mini sofa looking like an armchair. Choose the Verona model in rope. With its elegant armrests, it will give style to any small balcony.

If you will like to have a deck chair on your terrace but are sorely lacking space, we may have the solution. Find your compromise with our mini round sofas, where you can sit comfortably.
Our Apollo oval mini aluminum sofa and sling, will do just fine. It is available in several colors: white, frosted, coffee, champagne or black. In this way we make sure that it can adapt to any terrace decoration. The measurements of this versatile and comfortable mini sofa? It is 360 cm in height, one meter three wide. In height it has two levels, before it is 355 centimeters, and the back is 830 centimeters.

A second proposal for mini round sofa is the Spade model. With its rounded shapes and the elegance of the fabric that covers it, it will easily find its place in your terrace. In blue, frost or anthracite, this mini sofa will not make a false note with your decor. A little smaller than the previous model, it is 1080 centimeters wide.