For buyers who just start new store business or replenish the furniture for hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, or even want to upgrade garden decoration, you should consider visiting CIFF exhibition, it will not only help you close a good deal, but give you imagination and look up design tendency. There are lots of information online showing how great verity of the products and categories you can choose from, but this article give you a feel just how big the exhibition is – by finding our booth in CIFF.

1.I mistakenly got off the Metro with the wrong exit, so I took a while to walk across the exhibition corridor and finally get to the CIFF entrance…I skip the photos taken through the long walk.

Luckily, I got the giant banner advertisement shed the light on my road to exhibition.
2.A commercial ambience showing now with all topics on the wall…ads are eyeball catching everywhere at the CIFF gate.

Yes, the outdoor & leisure is the destination.
3.However I went into hall A, the outdoor furniture is at far end Hall D, which means I need to cross B and C to get there.

Exhibition Room is full of suppliers and customers from all over the world, showcasing how important CIFF present in the world and why China is truly the manufacturing of global center.
4.My destination is Gardenart Outdoor furniture, obviously I haven’t found a way to break through from here…

That won’t bother me from strolling anyway, as long as there are so many global well-known brands in furniture showcasing many differences of their latest design of the year.

5.As I went across the HALL A, the CIFF staff guides me how to cross bridge, there is a ‘Shortcup’ to HALL D.

When he means the ‘Shortcup’, it refers to some considerable shuttle mini vehicles – take you straight to the HALL C and HALL D – imagine how long this corridor will be…
But I prefer to walk and experience the long corridor of the exhibition, along the way I can see those interesting furniture and leisure design products.

The corridor from HALL to HALL is connected through conveyer belt, it takes 8-10 conveyer delivery to get to another entrance (I didn’t count exactly numbers)…I must say: thank you conveyer belt, without you I won’t have the courage to walk there, that is truly a lot of help to exhaustive buyers.

6.Finally, I got to another entrance, the HALL C – outdoor & leisure area, so we are closed to destination.

But that means you can take another mini shuttle to bring you to the HALL D…

7.The enhance for HALL D, outdoor furniture manufactures host their showrooms there.

Crowded suppliers, visitors are gathering here, where you can find any furniture or deco products.

8.This is our stand right at the front gate of the fair, staff and colleagues are here ready for help. We are at Booth 18.

Boss is sitting there. And some nice picture share with you for the overview.

Sofa and table: