As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, have you ever decided how to spend the most romantic day of the year? Take the lead and prepare a surprise for your partner to celebrate February 14th.

Here are some ideas for lovers’ day:

-Restaurant with modern design furniture

This is a great classic, at a point where restaurants make special menus dedicated to Valentine’s Day and also take advantage to inflate prices! Take time with yourself and peel the offers to study that it is not very inflated. Sometimes the increase of prices is justified because of the raw materials used in the menus, which often propose so-called aphrodisiac dishes. Oysters, champagne, strawberries and chocolate are often on the cards on February 14th.

Good tip: IF the restaurant has a set of table and chairs like the Lisbon Garden set, then you know it will be a good restaurant.

Go to the restaurant if:

You do not like / do not know / do not have the time / not cook.
You do not want to do the dishes after the meal.
You are a foodie and like to discover new restaurants in your city.

Plan to avoid if:
You hate the sheep effect. You will end up with dozens of couples like you. It’s limited to engaging the conversation with the guests at the next table: “So, how did you meet?” “.

– Escape to the hotel and its comfortable and cozy furniture

This year Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of the week, making it difficult to make a romantic getaway. Though? Sometimes escaping from his daily life is already doing good, and precisely the fact that it falls in the middle of the week can have a booster effect.

Hire a babysitter overnight or send the kids to the grandparents and go to the hotel. You can extend the pleasure to your taste and enjoy the other services of the hotel such as room service or a small spa tour. We hope your hotel will be so comfortable as the Cooper Garden Sofa.

Go to the hotel if:
You are parents. Just being able to sleep at a stroke at night is the best gift.

Avoid the hotel if:
You are broke.

-Dining by candlelight at home and your set table and chairs in Nordic style.

It’s decided, you put on an apron and go to the stove. Leaving expensive to pay in a restaurant or hotel, as much to take this money there to buy refined food. Smoked salmon, seafood, a delicate guinea fowl, chocolates for dessert and bubbling champagne to toast for your happiness. The evening will be successful with your Spade set. Cheers !

Cook your own Valentine’s Day menu if:

You love to cook, and are good! We advise you anyway if you are going to start preparing a new recipe, try it before D-Day.

Call a caterer if:

You are able to burn a salad.
You are stingy. No, spaghetti with meatballs is not a nice Valentine’s Day meal.