We may be the owner of a beautiful house, with beautiful terraces and pools exquisitely decorated with elegant outdoor furniture, if for a few months we can not enjoy it because of adverse climatic conditions. Open your eyes and stretch your ears, we will offer some tips and tricks to enjoy your garden or terrace even at low temperatures.

1-Fire! sit around on garden chairs.
Dare to fire outdoors in all its forms (mastered of course). With a brazier, a garden fireplace. You can also buy one of these heated parasol lamps that offer all the bistros in winter for those customers who want to grill one on the terrace. This is not a monopoly of the hotel industry, on the contrary.
If not, just light up your barbecue! Whether electric or charcoal, it will also keep you warm. The real plus? Enjoy a sweet moment while grilling marshmallows on wooden spikes sitting comfortably on the Royal Garden Chair.


2-Fur on deck chairs.
False of course. Especially since there are today perfect imitations. Take a look at any deco store and you’ll find furs of all colors and textures that will keep you as warm as any natural blanket.
A fur on the Themis deck chair and it becomes perfect for the winter.

3-Hot drinks on side tables with Scandinavian design.
A long american coffee is perfect to keep the body warm, but it’s so charming. Try to innovate and really go beyond, if only with a cappuccino brimming with cream, chai latte tea. Why do not you try to replicate one of your favorite recipes from your coffee shop? For example a pumpkin spice latte.
Do not forget to put it in a thermos, otherwise it may cool very quickly and lose its warming power. You can put our beautiful coffee table in Scandinavian design Apolo.

4-Screens matching sets of rattan jardina.
Sometimes we have a tolerable outside temperature for a small detail: a damn wind that gives us a thermal sensation of being less than zero. The trick is to put screens in strategic places.
If you have terrace in apartment, you can fix it on the ground and make a final screen. This will help you to keep intimacy if you ever have a significant vis-à-vis. If you own a garden and you do not want a fixed screen, choose it strong enough so that it does not fly with the wind or make sure to weigh it with weights to prevent it from falling to you Not on the head.
Bamboo screens will fit very well together with our Spade Garden Chair.

5- Good company on the comfortable garden sofas.
The best company is human warmth. Invite your friends to drink a latte machiatto in your nice terrace, while you grill the marshmallows and eat them protected under your fake fur blanket.
And why not, invite your sweetheart to slip with you under your blanket. A good hug will keep you warm for longer. On our Fermo two seater sofa, you will be comfortably seated.