The origins of the candlemas

The candlemas is one of the most characteristic festivals of the French territory. Unlike Mardi Gras, its date is always fixed: the candlemaker does not obey the lunar calendar.

What are we celebrating? At that time, the world was still governed by the Julian calendar, that of the Romans established by Julius Caesar. But we know from the Bible that the Virgin Mary introduced her baby Jesus to the temple, forty days after her birth.

Moreover, the fragment where Mary and Joseph brought their child to the temple, inspired many paintings and even a song, dedicated to an old man named Symeon who recognized the deity of the child.

This piece is told by Evangelist Luke in the Bible.

In the 4th century, the papacy established the Gregorian calendar and fixed the celebration of the birth of Jesus on December 25th. In this way we can know the date of the Candlemas: February 2. It remains unchanged by leap years.Candlemas and pancakes.

What do you eat candlelight pancakes? There are several popular beliefs around this tradition, however the most widespread is that the pancake, round and golden, would be a representation of the sun. Indeed, from the beginning of February we begin to really appreciate that the days lengthen.

Eating pancakes would be a tribute to the sun and the cycles of nature.

Even if the origins remain religious, the celebrations as for them are as much religious as pagan. This is a time of year when we begin to see the purpose of the winter tunnel, but instead we head straight for Easter Lent, with his youth, his moderation and his privations. So, during this little moment between two, we take the opportunity to eat treats (eat pancakes with candlemas) and party, with the carnival at Mardi Gras.

Invite your friends around the table for the candlemas.

Enjoy, this year the Candlemas falls on Friday, February 2nd. It’s perfect to gather all your friends, or your children’s friends and prepare a pancake party. Each cook has his own recipe and quantity of ingredients. It does not matter which one you follow as long as you put flour, eggs, sugar, butter and milk. There are some who add beer, others add Cognac, others rum.

On the other hand the two very important points to respect are:

 Let the dough rest for two hours. Promised, it will make a big difference.

The pan. Choose good non-stick material and a fine pan with a good diameter.

And hop ! Saute and accompany with sugar, jam, chocolate, fruit. Enjoy your pancakes on our Fano dining table. This outdoor table, aluminum and glass, and as round as the crêpes you eat.